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Grow Mental Health Services and Access
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Bringing Mental Health Services to the People Who Need It

The Integrated Behavioral Healthcare Program (also known as Integrated Care) works to grow mental health services and access in Colorado. By partnering with sites such as medical settings, senior living facilities, affordable housing, and family justice centers, we help more Coloradans get the help they need.

Our team members are co-located at each site in order to improve access to mental health services. By providing behavioral healthcare services at community sites, the Integrated Care program reaches children, adults, older adults, families, immigrants and refugees, and survivors of violence, improving the health and wellness of our community.

Our team

Using a team of licensed mental health professionals, post-graduate fellows, and graduate-level interns we maximize the opportunity for screening, diagnosis, and treatment of mental health and substance use, as well as improve the likelihood of individuals following through on referrals. Through our onsite presence, we increase access to mental health services and reduce barriers to treatment such as transportation, mobility, and stigma.

What we provide to our partners

  • Outreach, psychoeducation/prevention efforts, and counseling services to patients, consumers and residents of partner facilities
  • A safe, positive, and supportive environment for patients, consumers, and residents to express themselves
  • Staff trainings and workshops at partner facilities on mental health related issues

Program impact

In 2019 we served over 440 clients with 1,895 behavioral healthcare appointments at 10 partner sites.

A Success Story

I found peace; I finally understand that I am more than what happened to me.

Integrated Care Client, Shondra*

Shondra,* a single mother of two, was experiencing domestic violence when she met her counselor, Micah, through one of MDCC’s locations in the Denver Metro Community. “Shondra was so hurt when I met her. Even after she and her kids escaped the violence, she felt trapped by fear. When the pandemic happened, she had to quarantine in the house where she was abused. The reminders of her trauma completely overwhelmed her.”

After months of working together, Shondra was finally able to express her anger towards her abuser. She was able to process her trauma and move forward with hope for the future. She felt empowered to show her children that they deserve better, and that they deserve to feel safe.

Shondra is a mother, a daughter, a neighbor, and a friend to many. And now, with the support of the Integrated Behavior Healthcare Program, she is also survivor of domestic violence who has tools to thrive after years of abuse.

*Names and identifying factors changed to protect client’s identity

Growing Integrated Care to expand services across Colorado

In the summer of 2020, Maria Droste partnered with the Southeast Colorado Workforce Innovation Network (SECO-WIN) to expand services to rural Colorado communities. Maria Droste fellows took the opportunity to serve others through on-site and telehealth sessions with counseling and wellness support.

Southeast Colorado has a rich history, diverse culture and deep agricultural roots. The communities are close knit, but some are struggling to maintain a way of life. Substance use and mental health challenges have become too common among youth and families. It had become harder to recruit behavioral health counselors to meet the growing demand.

The Southeast Colorado Workforce Innovation Network (SECO-WIN) created a plan to change all that. Maria Droste was proud to join in this innovative statewide partnership designed to find, train, and employ post-graduate behavioral health fellows who appreciate the community, and thrive in the relationship.

Continuing in our mission to bring mental health and wellness services to more Coloradans, we are encouraged by our partners who value the service and work to bring care to more people.

Partnerships make it possible

Partnerships with other organizations is what makes this program possible. These are a few of the locations and organizations working with Maria Droste to bring mental health services to more Coloradans.

Kavod Senior living logo
Early Childhood Partnership of Adams County
Mayfair International Medicine
SouthEast Health Group logo

How you can get involved

By partnering together, we can support more individuals like Shondra in getting the help they need to heal. We believe that everyone deserves access to quality mental health services regardless of their ability to pay. Through the Integrated Behavioral Healthcare program, companies and organizations like yours are helping hundreds of people every day at our co-location sites.

When you partner with Maria Droste Counseling Center, you are saying to your community, “Yes, you belong. You are more than what happened to you.”

Contact our Integrated Care coordinator to learn how you can get involved.

Partner as an Integrated Care or Co-Location site

Is your organization looking for a creative and innovative way to ensure our community has access to high-quality, affordable mental health care? If so, please reach out to our Integrated Care department to learn more. Call us at 303-756-9052 or email