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Maria Droste Counseling Center offers affordable online and in-person counseling from our main location in Denver. We also with outside organizations and therapists to bring the surrounding community mental health services. In addition to accepting client referrals, we work with partner sites to make health care more accessible.

Client Referrals

Referring a client

Our group of trained professionals provide a variety of counseling specialities. If you or your organization would like to refer clients to Maria Droste Counseling Center, please direct individuals to contact Maria Droste directly by phone or email: 303-867-4600 or email at

You can also download and print this information flyer to have on hand for individuals who may need therapy.

Seeking services for a loved one?

If you are worried about a loved one and think they would benefit from counseling, please share Maria Droste Counseling Center’s contact information with them. Unfortunately, we can only enroll adults in services when they contact us directly, but it can help to get support from a friend and to know they are not alone. 

This resource from Mental Health America has information on how to discuss therapy with a loved one and ways to encourage them to seek help.

If a friend or family member you know is in crisis, please contact the Colorado Crisis Line at 1-844-493-TALK (8255) or call 911.

Partner with Maria Droste Counseling Center

The Integrated Behavioral Healthcare Program works with partner sites such as medical settings, senior living facilities, affordable housing, and family justice centers within the Denver Metro area. Our team members are co-located at each site in order to improve access to mental health services.

By providing behavioral healthcare services at community sites, the Integrated Care program reaches children, adults, older adults, families, immigrants and refugees, and survivors of violence, improving the health and wellness of our community.

Using a team of licensed mental health professionals, post-graduate fellows, and graduate-level interns we maximize the opportunity for screening, diagnosis, and treatment of mental health and substance use, as well as improve the likelihood of individuals following through on referrals. Through our onsite presence, we increase access to mental health services and reduce barriers to treatment such as transportation, mobility, and stigma.

Support We Provide:

  • Outreach, psychoeducation/prevention efforts, and counseling services to patients, consumers and residents of partner facilities
  • A safe, positive and supportive environment for patients, consumers and residents to express themselves
  • Staff trainings and workshops at partner facilities on mental health related issues

Bring mental health services into your community!

Contact us to learn more about hosting Maria Droste Counselors at your site. Call 303-867-4600 or email