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Volunteer Opportunities in Denver, Colorado
with Maria Droste Counseling Center

Volunteer to Support Mental Health in Colorado!

Thank you for supporting mental health in Colorado! As a counseling center that serves all Coloradans, regardless of their ability to pay, our organization depends upon the support of kind, giving individuals like you. Whether you are looking to make a financial donation or support Maria Droste with a gift of your time and talents, we deeply appreciate your generosity!

Ways to volunteer

We welcome volunteers who are willing to share their creative ideas and gifts. Some of the areas volunteers can help with include:

  • Administrative Projects
  • Computer Projects
  • Marketing
  • Fundraising
  • Grant Writing
  • Good Will Ambassadors
  • Serving on our Boards
  • Volunteering at annual fundraising events

If you have a talent that you’d like to use in support of Maria Droste, let us know! We appreciate all the help we can get.

You make a difference

Everyone gives in their own way. This short video shows why and how team members at Impact Denver chose to get involved with our children’s counseling services.

We appreciate your generosity how ever you chose to share it. Your gift of time and effort makes lasting impacts in ways you may never know. You make a difference!

How to get started

If you’re interested in volunteering with Maria Droste, please contact Emma Garcia-Miller 720-316-9243 or email her at for volunteer opportunities in Denver.

Please Note: Because of confidentiality and liability issues, we do not offer volunteer positions working with clients. If you are interested in a clinical internship, please visit our training page.

Mental Health is real!

It affects how we think, act, and feel.  
If not properly cared for 

It could drive us to beg, borrow, and or even steal.

Mental Health is at our soul’s core

Properly taken care of and we don’t have to cry so much anymore

It’s our emotional, psychological, and social well-being  
Maria Droste helps those that are overwhelmed by emotions

Properly taking care of people in their darkest moments

Bringing hope and help in times of despair so a new light they are seeing

This is why I volunteer to be a member of the Maria Droste Board, I believe in the work and I want to be a part of the light that guides others from the darkness.

-Demetrius Parker, Board of Directors

Serve on the Maria Droste Counseling Center Board

Support mental health in Colorado by serving on our board. Members of the Maria Droste Counseling Center Board provide critical strategic drive, intellectual contributions, and capital resources to scale our growth so we can truly create a mentally healthier Colorado.

Learn more about serving on our board and how to become appointed.

Serve on our Young Professionals Board

The Maria Droste Counseling Center’s Young Professionals’ Board (YPB) is an opportunity for socially-minded change makers of any age. If you have a strong desire to reduce mental health stigma and create a mentally healthier Colorado, consider joining our board.

Learn more about the Young Professionals Board and how to join today.

I value MDCC because it gives me hope. We provide access to quality mental health services for young people in their own communities, creating the foundation for future generations that are healthier and more empowered in the value of their voices.

– Jessie L.

Interested in volunteering?

If you’re interested in volunteering with Maria Droste, please contact Emma Garcia-Miller 720-316-9243 or email her at for volunteer opportunities in Denver.