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Justice, Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion (JEDI)

Our Vision in JEDI

Maria Droste Counseling Center aspires to be an organization that honors our community by promoting equity, belonging, and anti-oppression in all aspects of what we do and say, and with those we serve. In our work towards making this a reality, we have created a strategic plan to outline our growth areas in justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion.

  • Goal 1: Grow individually and organizationally, with humility and vulnerability 
  • Goal 2: Integrate the values of diversity, equity, and anti-oppression into our daily professional practice  
  • Goal 3: Create an organization whose members are representative of the communities we serve
  • Goal 4: Advocate for social justice and equity in MDCC’s sphere of influence  

We know words are not enough. We take actions to back up our goals. To be specific:

In 2021, we formed our dedicated JEDI (Justice, Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion) Committee

Include prompts for social justice conversations in our monthly newsletters

We hold monthly committee focus groups for organizational self-assessment

Hold trainings with interns and staff to deconstruct power, privilege, and oppression (PPO)

Stop Asian Hate Statement

Our CEO Sandra T. Mann addressed the recent rise in anti-Asian violence, and encouraged employees to create a more equitable and inclusion climate.

We Promise an Anti-Oppressive Work Space

We are proud to be a great place to work and volunteer. Incorporating justice and inclusiveness into our culture has created exciting results. We respect your autonomy and the ability to make your own judgements. We trust you.

Maria Droste Counseling Center is proud to work with Building Bridges as part of our strategic initiatives for 2021. Building Bridges is providing Shift training for our staff and interns to grow our organization’s skills in anti-oppressive work to actively dismantle white supremacy culture. Together, we will equip our leaders to transform divisive attitudes in Maria Droste’s communities.

Colorado Companies Uniting Against Racism with B:Civic

B:Civic is a Colorado organization that facilitates efforts for businesses of all sizes to work together to leverage impact. Maria Droste CEO, Sandra T. Mann, is proud to have taken a pledge with BCivic to take action against racism. We pledge to confront inherent inequalities and demand diversity, equity, and inclusion in all that we do to act against racial injustice. Our organization will report our progress and action steps to BCivic as part of this pledge. 


We are committed to making our services and workplace accessible to individuals of all abilities. Maria Droste has worked to secure 2 dedicated handicap parking spaces on the south side of Building C and 1 on the west side of Building A to accommodate clients. We have ensured that our space is ADA compliant and functional for all.

From Environmental Racism to Environmental Justice

Check out this guide to environmental justice in the Denver area and how clean air is linked to racism. This guide includes the basics on environmental justice and how to get more involved in your community.

Mental Health Resources Related to Issues of Racism or Oppression


LGBTQ+ Counseling

Culturally Sensitive Counseling

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Our Pledge

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