I consider myself a diehard Broncos fan – as long as the games don’t get in the way of shopping! But seriously, I love spending Sunday afternoons with family and friends as we enjoy the excitement of the game. This year, as the regular season comes to an end, there is a particular excitement that fills our house and our community.

As the Broncos head into the playoffs, Peyton Manning has secured his place in history by breaking several records, some dating back to 1984. What is striking to me is that Manning, being the consummate professional that he is, accepts this honor while giving credit to his team. Like any great leader, he recognizes that the road to success is in gaining the respect and cooperation of those people around him.

Great leaders realize that they need the cooperation and support of their team to get things done. Manning knows that he didn’t achieve this record without the help of many skilled teammates. Trusting others in the pursuit toward one’s goals is vital. Success doesn’t happen in a vacuum. It’s true in football and it’s true in life; trust that your team can help to get the job done.

There are other elements that drive success. Manning had to create the opportunities that would allow him to achieve the goals that he set for himself. Who would have thought that a 37 year old with a spinal fusion would go on to surpass records and take his career to another level? He believed in himself and his abilities and opted into a team that believed in him, as well.

In addition, there were many times that he had to step out of his comfort zone and take risks. Whether it was throwing a pass that looked risky or facing a defense that looked intimidating, there were times that we witnessed him taking great risks. Many of them paid off and some did not. Either way, constantly stretching beyond his comfort zone paid off.

Mistakes create another opportunity for success. You hear it all the time in the post-game interviews. The entire team knows that it’s important to reflect on what went wrong to determine how to do it right. Consider other successful people in history. Inventions, cures for illnesses, personal goals; none could be achieved without taking numerous missteps in the process.

We end this year and move into the next with a hopefulness for our Broncos in the playoffs and the Superbowl. We look forward to a New Year and a clean slate.  We prepare ourselves for our own goals and aspirations. All I have to say is GO TEAM!

Lisa Ransford, LPC, CACII  is a member of The Therapist Group at Maria Droste Counseling Center. She works with individuals and couples to find balance and achieve their goals.

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by Lisa Ransford, LPC, CAC II