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Counseling Internship Training Program

Thank you for your interest our Counseling Internship Program

counseling internship program participants receiving support and guidance during a group review session

Thank you for your interest in the Maria Droste Counseling Center Internship Program! 

The Maria Droste Counseling Center in Denver, Colorado is proud to help advance therapists-in-training with our clinical internship program.

As an intern with us, you’ll gain valuable experience while being supported by experienced and professional therapists. Many employers find that counselors who come through our program are well-trained and mindfully prepared for their work helping others.

We are no longer accepting applications for the 2021-22 internship year. Please check back in January 2022 for the following year’s opportunities.

Maria Droste offers a comprehensive and competitive internship program. In our nearly 30 year history, we have trained over 500 intern therapists and annually have 80-100 applicants apply to join our intern cohort. Interns are a critical part of Maria Droste and we are delighted you are interested in training with us!

**Maria Droste is strongly committed to building a diverse and inclusive environment and enhancing the diversity of its trainees, staff, therapists and board. We are an Equal Opportunity Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment regardless of age, race, color, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, military/ veteran status or any other status protected by law.**

Below, please find detailed information on Maria Droste programs, as well as FAQs that address internship tracks, requirements, and supervision. Please read through the following information carefully before reaching out to our program staff.

Maria Droste Programs

As stated in our mission, Maria Droste is committed to serving individuals who would otherwise not be able to obtain counseling services. One of the ways we do this is through the participation of master’s and doctoral level interns from area counseling, psychology, social work, marriage and family therapy, and school psychology programs. These interns provide counseling through several Maria Droste tracks (click the link for full descriptions).

Determine Your Area of Interest

Choosing Internship Tracks

When applying for internship placements, applicants are asked to rank our four tracks, which correspond to the programs we offer. All tracks require a 24 hour/week commitment. Maria Droste interns, regardless of their tracks, are expected to function as therapists, meaning they regularly meet with clients, bill for sessions, and complete comprehensive documentation–including meeting Medicaid compliance standards. The internship very closely resembles a real-life therapy job and provides invaluable preparation for post-graduation/licensure entry into the mental health field. Read more about each track here.

– Combined Adult/Child Track

– Children First Track

– Options Track

– Integrated Care Track

Frequently Asked Questions

The following information is meant give you an idea of what you can expect from an internship with the Maria Droste Counseling Center as well as how to apply. If you have any other questions about our internship program after reviewing the FAQs, please contact our internship coordination department. We look forward to helping you in your training as a therapist.

  • Do you provide practica opportunities?

    No, we do not provide practica opportunities. Our internship site is tailored for graduate students seeking master’s level internship or doctoral level practicum placement.

  • How many interns do you take?

    Intern cohorts at Maria Droste are usually 20-26 people. The number varies each to year depending on the needs of our programs.

  • How long is the internship?

    Internship opportunities at Maria Droste are 9-12 months in duration, beginning in June or August and ending in June of the following year. We do not accept interns for shorter durations of time or at alternative start/ending dates.

  • How many hours a week is an internship at Maria Droste?

    Our interns, regardless of their track, usually commit to around 20-24 hours a week during an internship at Maria Droste.

  • What kind of experience will I get as a Maria Droste intern?

    Through our internship program, interns receive experience with:

    • Individual Therapy
    • Counseling for Clients of All Ages
    • Medicaid
    • Group Therapy
    • Couples Counseling and Family Therapy
    • Integrated Care
  • What is an internship at Maria Droste REALLY like?

    Internships at Maria Droste are intensive placements that provide high-level, real-life training. Interns at Maria Droste are expected to function as therapists, meaning they regularly meet with clients, bill for sessions, and complete comprehensive documentation–including meeting Medicaid compliance standards. The internship very closely resembles a real-life therapy job and provides invaluable preparation for post-graduation entry into the mental health field. Employers report high satisfaction with former Maria Droste interns due to their knowledge and experience.

  • What are the internship tracks?

    In their applications, internship candidates are asked to choose two tracks to apply to: Options; Children First; Combined; or Integrated Care tracks. Click programs and tracks for more information and please read it over carefully before choosing tracks on your application.

  • What is supervision like?

    Internship supervisors are members of The Therapist Group, a collective of therapists highly experienced in a wide variety of modalities, and who are enthusiastic about training our interns. Due to increasingly specialized placements, we also hire field supervisors with specific expertise. All of our supervisors have tremendous respect for the important role that interns play in our mission of providing quality services to the community, and they receive training and consultation specifically related to their supervisory roles. Interns receive weekly individual supervision and group supervision twice monthly.

  • What are the internship program requirements?

    The Maria Droste Internship program requires:

    • You must be currently enrolled in a master’s or doctoral program
    • 24 hours/week minimum (See program/track descriptions)
    • Minimum 9 month commitment (mid August to June; optional June start)
    • Training every Friday morning from 8:30 to noon
    • Ability to schedule clients at least one evening (4-7pm)
    • Ability to respond to client emergencies such as abuse reports as needed
    • One hour individual supervision per week
    • Completion of all clinical and agency paperwork & billing, within required timelines
    • A minimum of two audio/video recordings
    • Ability to work independently
    • Professional attitude
    • Self-awareness and a commitment to personal growth. Interns who have not had their own counseling are asked to complete a minimum of 6 sessions prior to starting the internship.
    • Agency key & building entry deposit (currently $35)
    • Child Abuse Record & Background Check fee (currently $25)
  • Is my graduate program partnered with Maria Droste and can I apply for an internship?

    Maria Droste Counseling Center is an approved field placement site for several graduate programs. These currently include:

    • Colorado State University: Masters of Social Work
    • Metropolitan State University of Denver: Masters of Social Work
    • Naropa University:  M.A. Mindfulness-Based TCP, M.A. Contemplative Psychotherapy and Buddhist Psychology, M.A. Somatic Dance Movement Body Psychotherapy, M.A. Art Therapy
    • Regis University:  M.A. Counseling, M.A. Marriage and Family Therapy
    • University of Colorado Denver:  M.A. Counseling Psychology, M.A. Clinical Mental Health, M.A. Couple and Family Counseling, PhD School Psychology
    • University of Denver:  Masters of Social Work, M.A. Counseling Psychology, M.A. International Disaster Psychology, Psy.D. Child and Adolescent Assessment and Intervention, Psy.D. Clinical Psychology
    • University of Northern Colorado:  M.A. Clinical Mental Health Counseling, M.A. School Counseling
    • Capella University: M.A. Clinical Mental Health Counseling
  • What if my graduate program is not listed above and I’d like to apply for an internship?

    Any other programs need to be cleared with our Director of Clinical Training, and have an anti-discrimination statement that is inclusive (i.e. includes sexual orientation and gender identity). For programs not listed above, please send an email to and include your university’s anti-discrimination statement, a summary of your academic and clinical training progression, and a contact person for your program.

  • I’ve read everything and I still have questions. Who can I reach out to?

    For more information about our graduate training program, please e-mail

  • I’m ready to apply! Where do I go?

    As mentioned above, we will begin accepting applications for the 2021-22 internship year on a rolling basis starting on January 4, 2021 through March 15, 2021. The application is available to review and begin completing here.