If you’re feeling sad or depressed while everyone else around you seems to be singing along to Christmas carols, excitedly buying presents, or planning for the holiday party at work, you aren’t alone. It’s not unusual to feel this way during the holiday season. Holidays, anniversaries, and other special occasions can trigger an episode of the blues, feelings of loneliness, depression, and melancholy. Don’t give up hope—below are some tips to help you cope with these difficult feelings:

  • Don’t try to be all things for all people. Set realistic limits for yourself.
  • Pay close attention to your own needs. If possible, do something self-indulgent, such as getting a massage, watching your favorite movie, or even just taking a bubble bath.
  • Keep your body happy with consistent sleeping and exercise habits.
  • Limit alcohol consumption. It’s easy to turn to alcohol to try to boost your mood, but it’s a depressant and inevitably it will most likely end up making you feel worse.
  • Write a thank you message to an influential person in your life. Psychologists have scientifically proven that one of the greatest contributing factors to overall happiness in your life is expressing gratitude.

If you think that you may be suffering from something more serious than the holiday blues, consider taking our anonymous depression online screening. It’s a quick and easy way to determine whether you would benefit from a consultation with a mental health professional.

If you are battling with depression, you are not alone. Counseling can help you learn to overcome your depression and find happiness. If you would like to speak to a therapist, contact our intake department at 303-867-4600.

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